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Black bloc anarchist during an Anti-War protest. Arrest of a man during an SRO protest. Housing protest in San Francisco's Mission District. Featured cover image in the San Francisco Bay Guardian newspaper.
Occupy Wall Street Protest in San Francisco.
Occupy Wall Street protest at the Charles Schwab building in downtown San Francisco.


I've been an avid photographer since 2008, and have worked in a wide range of fields: landscape, fashion, art & performance, but my passion in photojournalism. I have covered and produced photo documentary stories for MissionLocal and contributed works to publications such as the SF Bay Guardian, San Francisco Chronicle, and others.

I am available for contract work for virtually any documentary or street style shoot... check out my photo portfolio to see the wide range of work I'm able to perform.


I work as a videographer, cinematographer, and editor on a freelance basis. I have worked with the great folks over at The Disposable Film Festival, as well as producing some promotional videos for San Francisco locals. I have also contributed video reporting to MissionLocal. On my spare time I love to work with artists to produce art and music videos for its own sake.

You can see the variety and style of my all video work work on my site.

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