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Video compilation of the Occupy SF march through the Financial District of San Francisco on October 5th, 2011.

Another compilation of an Occupy SF rally held on September 29th, 2011.

Occupy Oakland (musical review compilation).

During the Egyptian and Tunisian uprisings in early 2011, solidarity events were held around the world in support of the overthrowing of Mubarak. This event held in San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza brought together Tunisians and Egyptians in solidarity for revolution.

Music video with Amber Held.

Document of our dearly missed and extraordinarily talented angel Teal Barns with Nacho Valls during a practice session.

Fire show performance at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco.

"Fragility". Post-modern contemplation on the transference of fragility and strength in non-linear time. Shot on location in Paris, France.

Compilation of various musical experiences in Galway, Ireland.

A tour of the Mission District in San Francisco.

A tour of the Chinatown District of San Francisco at night.

Annual "Box Wars" cardboard battle in Dolores Park.

Intimate performance by Bay Area folk musician Will Greene.

Intimate performance by Bay Area singer/songwriter Andrew Blair.

Promotional video for Fight & Fitness Gym in San Francisco.

Promotional video for "Lights Down Low" DJ sets by DJ Eli Glad and Corey Sleazemore.

Official trailer for the 2012 Disposable Film Festival. I was the director of cinematography and primary camera operator for the project.


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